Restaurant Cleaning Services

restaurant cleaning services

FGS offers restaurant cleaning services to help enhance your customers’ dining experience and motivate your employees with a clean, sanitary environment, consistently delivered after every service.

Cleanliness and food safety are the #1 reasons people choose and return to a food service establishment. Our restaurant cleaning service team has the experience and attention to detail necessary to provide the best in restaurant cleaning solutions.

Dining Areas

Wipe down all table tops and chairs
Sweep and mop all floors
Vacuum carpets
Floor Care (hyperlink)
Empty trash bins

Kitchen Cleaning

Clean and sanitize all equipment
Clean and sanitize all sinks and faucets
Wash and clean all surfaces
Ensure soap and paper towel dispensers are properly filled
Scrub walls
Sweep and mop all floors
Clean and sanitize floor drains (hyperlink)
Empty trash bins

Restroom Cleaning

Wash sinks and faucets
Clean mirrors and any windows
Clean surfaces of fixtures, soap, paper towel, and toilet tissue dispensers
Ensure soap, toilet tissue and paper towel dispensers are properly filled
Clean toilets, urinals and partitions
Wipe down all surfaces
Empty trash bins
Mop floors

Bar Cleaning

Wash and sanitize all surfaces, tables and tops
Clean sinks and faucets
Dust between bottles
Sweep and mop floors
Empty trash bins